Want More Out Of Your Life? Travel To China, Travel To China, Travel To China!


Chinese New Year is on Sunday! Unfortunately for me I will be halfway over the Atlantic Sea on a plane to Finland (which probably doesn’t have a higher Chinese population, although I haven’t fact checked that).
China is still a cheap travel destination, in comparison to most of European countries, but that can change very soon. However , following a few simple ideas, you will be able to travel in China for free or next to nothing.
It might be a bit presumptuous, but I truly think you should go too. Don’t be intimidated by the vocabulary barrier and the pollution and the general crazyness. Go anyhow.
Like most tourist destinations, prices in China are higher during peak travel periods and vacations. You can save money on meals, lodging, transportation and attractions by visiting during the low season, which runs from mid-November through March. November is the best time to see the autumn colours. And while certain parts of China can be bitterly cold throughout the winter months, there are tropical areas that have mild winters, such as Hainan Island and Yunnan.
Meals, lodging and activities almost all cost more in the big towns. As soon as you leave them, you are likely to pay less for most factors, and you’ll also enjoy fewer crowds and get to go through the non-tourist side of China. You don’t have to skip the towns altogether; just see what you would like to see and then move on.
Three Chinese national Golden Weeks” to avoid are:
Some people are leery of street food, and it is always a gamble, but one really worth making. How else are you able to get a super tasty food for 50 cents or less? I really miss having the ability to stroll from stand to stand and select whatever international looking snack caught my fancy (and I just ever got sick once- so there).
Many credit cards charge a international transaction fee, which can add together quickly when traveling. If you expect to make a great deal of purchases with your card, you could be able to save a little money by using one that doesn’t charge this fee (see Top Credit Cards With No Foreign Transaction Fee ).
In least that I’ve seen anywhere in the world.
Food in China-still a great value for the money-can also range widely. From the meat bun from a road cart to fancy, white tablecloth restaurants catering to China’s nouveau riche and well-heeled ex-pats.
Yet with the exception of the north during the winter, you can still discover China comfortably year-round. Summers see the heaviest rain and can be uncomfortably hot, particularly in the south near Hong Kong, which has notoriously hot and moist summers.
Admittance fees are also unavoidable to find out certain sights, such as the Forbidden City. And for some sights/experiences-like a going down the Li or Yangtze River-you’ll have to pay for some sort of cruise or tour (which also runs from luxurious cruise ships to dingy ferries).
Additional expenses such as drinking and shopping can quickly inflate your budget, so make sure to mat your budget for buying souvenirs and treating yourself to gourmet coffee!
Exactly what is awesome about visiting China is that you get to see close up it’s so much more than communism, or a billion people, or smog, it’s an amazing living and breathing ecletic slice of life.
First class travel can go as high as US & European cities in the more expensive cities. For anyone who is comparing what you’d normally spend on a vacation back home, you can still expect a better bang for your buck. Living large in China will set you back around Y1000-1500+/day ($150-200+). But if you’re utilized to really traveling in luxurious, you can still find five-star hotels in Beijing or Shanghai that reach more than Y2000/$300 and top restaurants over Y800/$120.

How To Travel To India With Minimum Effort And Still Leave People Amazed


Americans have a particular advantage regarding Indian visas, since they are eligible for a special 10-year, multiple-entry visa through a bilateral treaty with India. Anyone who thinks there is even the probability of taking multiple vacations to India should consider applying for this prolonged visa.
Among the largest beaches in the Northern part of Goa is Calangute which is very popular among the tourists who come to visit the place all twelve months year round. One would be amazed to see the huge number of domestic and foreign tourists that come to this beautiful spot to celebrate the New Years Eve and the big day of Christmas! Also the other month in which you could enjoy here is the full month of May. The Parasailing experience and the Tinto Market here is just amazing!
Few of the other beaches that you could look forward to visiting if you have more time to stay along with your friends or family are as follows. These are popular in their own respective way and provide for that thrill and engagement you wanted.
If you are going to be in India as a traveler, this is something which should be sorted out at the beginning of your travel. However, if you are extending your stay, the rules have been changing over the full years. Bundle-wrap your clothes rather than folding and stacking them. says folding items of clothing “individually, stacking them atop one another then, is just about the worst thing you can do from a packing perspective.” Pick a core wrap and object successive layers of clothing around it until you have a clothing ball. You shall need a tourist visa that can last from 3 months, 6 months to 1 year with single, double or multiple entries. If you are considering a holiday in nothing and India more, then a 3 months visa is fine as it shall be slightly cheaper than other visas.
Find out how to fly to India and get your tickets to India:
Bring only items you can’t acquire in India or do not absolutely need on the first day. If you need to shave shortly after arrival, do it with soap and warm water and leave the can of shaving cream at home.You shall need to consider how you want to get to India. You will need to discover which airports fly to India either directly or indirectly. There are very few direct flights to India from US. Mostly likely, you will have to take a connecting flight somewhere in Europe such as London or Amsterdam. Many flights are now stopping in Dubai. You can either book these fights with the numerous online travel agents or from your high street agents. Most airports from the UK fly to India either directly or indirectly.
Accommodation: It is possible to find rooms in India for just one or two dollars. A double room with no AC but a fan and attached bathroom should cost around 300RS ($6). Dorms are very cheap but not particularly plentiful. You can couchsurf in India but choose your hosts with extreme care. She began writing in 2002 and her work has appeared in several academic journals including “Memory Studies,” the “Journal of Historical Geography” and the “Local Historian.” She holds a Ph.D. in history and an honours degree in geography from the University of Ulster.
Food: Unless you are in a restaurant you often have to haggle when buying food as vendors will try to rip you off. Water should cost between 15/20 RS, the price is on the bottle always. A glass bottle of coke costs 10RS and toilet roll normally costs around 30RS. Malai kofta is probably my favorite Indian meal but I recommend trying as much local as possible, street food is the cheapest option. Cheap bananas can be bought everywhere and these are great snacks for long journeys.
Public transportation can be overwhelming for many as most international travelers are not accustomed to crowds that large in number. Also, the concept of queuing up in order is not something one should expect.
That’s not to say, we were immune to culture shock. Far from it. We’d barely left the train station before an Indian boy – about Joe’s age – approached us, hand outstretched, begging for money. Both of his legs were crippled and he used a small, handmade trolley to drag himself along.
Alternatively, Delhi itself is somewhere to behold. Now, if you’re taking your kids to Delhi you need to prepare them for the noise and for how busy it is. Keep a hold of hands and make sure you give instructions on what to do if you do get lost. Despite this, there are several parts of the populous city which are great for running off a little steam before bed, with Lodhi Gardens being one of them.
I encourage all visitors to understand that more than 80% of India’s population are of Hindu faith or believe in Dharma; this implies that most everyone believes that by living virtuously, they will attain a higher level of being in their next life. In other words, the poor men even, women and children of India live happily, so try not to dwell on their poverty; they don’t. Arrive knowing that India is a different place and recognize it for its beautiful people, vibrant culture and exciting history
Bombay is another famous Indian city, and it is very child-friendly to boot. Nehru Science Planetarium and Centre is a good spot to head, as well as the Children’s Science park, for hands-on, educational fun.

Do You Know How To Travel To Italy? Learn From These Simple Tips


The Etruscans
It’s a wise idea to avoid Italy during the high season of July and August, Easter time and also including Christmas. The reasons for such a condition are the apparent culprits of escalated prices, uncomfortable weather, dearth of available accommodation and a slew of incoming tourists.
Outline the cities that you plan to visit into a day-by-day itinerary. Book flights between distant cities and Eurostar high-speed trains between conveniently located major cities. Purchase tickets for regional trains to smaller cities at the train station on the day you plan to travel. Book visits to large museums, such as the Uffizi in Florence, in advance by phone or online to avoid long waits in line.
Where and When to Go
Renaissance Italy
Begun in 1296 in the Gothic style and completed in 1436, The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore is Florence ‘s beautiful cathedral and symbol of the city. The exterior of the basilica is faced with polychrome marble panels in various shades of green and pink bordered by white. The basilica is one of Italy’s largest churches, and until the modern era, the dome was the largest in the world. It remains the largest brick dome ever constructed.
Italy is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. The area’s long history and excellent foods, wines, and celebrations provide many reasons to go. Since the area is so popular, plan well ahead of your trip date. Get to know the culture and learn some of the language to make the trip fun.
If you will be traveling to Italy in the spring, fall or winter, make certain to pack appropriate outerwear. Spring and fall often bring rain, so a funky umbrella or designer raincoat can be lifesavers; to draw less attention to yourself as a tourist, avoid ponchos or brightly colored outdoor rain shells. Winters are remarkably cold, but Italians keep their fashion sense by wearing the latest in winter jackets, often in floor-length styles.
Fly into Italy by means of an alternate nation – As said above, flights to enormous center points in Europe, (for example, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Paris) are frequently less expensive than flights to Italy. In the event that you happen to locate an executioner arrangement on a flight to another city in Europe, you can then purchase a different ticket from that point to whatever city in Italy you need to be in – and you may then fly on one of the monetary allowance aircrafts in Italy which some of the time have extraordinarily low charges accessible. This oblige two particular schedules, as the two aircrafts don’t think about the other flight so you’ll need to gather any processed sacks at your first European stop and re-check them for the following leg, however in the event that the cost is correct the bother is small.


Departing at 715am from Ulaanbaatar, arriving 2:04pm the next day in Beijing, I embarked on a 31 hour ride on the Transiberian Train.
The Train:
The Trans-Siberian Railway is a network of railways that connect Moscow and European Russia with the Russian Eastern provinces, as well as Mongolia, China and the Sea of Japan. It is the longest railway in the world. There are 3 Trans-Siberian rail routes: The “real” Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Vladivostok, the Trans Manchurian from Moscow to Beijing via Harbin in China and the Trans Mongolian from Moscow to Beijing via Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. I took the third.
The Scenery:
It turned out to be an awesome ride, mainly due to the people I met on board rather than the scenery. A few photos of the scenery of Mongolia below:travelocity
There was no new type of landscape to see of Mongolia after 2.5 weeks there, and the landscape was monotonous anyhow. As for China, there were some attractive mountains, but nothing spectacular (see below).
The Cabins:
There are 2 classes of cabins- 1st class and 2nd class. They are mixed so in each carriage you can have 1st class and 2nd class cabins. The 1st class cabins are twin- berthed, have a chair and share a private bathroom with an adjacent 1st class cabin. The 2nd class cabins are 4- berthed and do not have a private bathroom. There are two bathrooms (european style) on either side of each carriage. Toilets (also for first class cabins) are locked half an hour before and after each station stop. There were quite a few stops on the way, and the longest stop was the Mongolian- Chinese border when the toilets were locked for over 6 hours (and we were not allowed off the train).
I was lucky enough to share my 2nd class cabin with three nice Spanish tourists. I had an upper bunk (your bunk is predetermined on your ticket).
Each person had their own TV with earphones (I turned on the TV once and there was a ballet film on with English subtitles). There was place to store our luggage in boxes under the lower bunk and also above the door, though I slept with my rucksack at the foot of my bed (far from the door and locked with my cable to the bunk). The train supplies a pillow, linen and a blanket (though I opted for my sleeping bag over the blanket). At 1030am our linen and towel were collected – two of my fellow cabin mates were still asleep and were woken up and asked to return sheets.
The restaurant(s):
Photo of the Mongolian restaurant
Photo of the Chinese Restaurant
Worth noting, is that at the end of each carriage there is a samovar (hot water dispenser), so we made noodles and soup and tea ourselves (we cut our water bottles and made containers with the bases).
We arrived at the Mongolian border (Zamiin Uud stop) just after 7pm, and left the Chinese border (Erlyan) around 1am. So the process between the borders took roughly 6 hours. At the Mongolian border a Mongolian official came on board, checked the boxes under the bunks (as noted above our luggage was stored there), and took our passports, returning them with an exit stamp. We also had to fill out a number of forms incl. declaration of any taxes on goods purchased in Monoglia. Then we went through the bogie-changing process (the carriages are separated from one another and the wheels are changed as the Chinese railway operates on a different guage standard than Mongolia). At some point the electricity was even switched off and we were in the dark- during this time the four of us entertained ourselves by playing a Spanish card game with one head torch. Also, at the Chinese border more forms are handed out and Chinese officials collect (and thereafter return) passports and forms.
We arrived at Beijing Central Station (Beijing has 3 stations), a bustling station.
what a wonderful trip i am going to do it by myself thank you
Hi Debra,
You can walk around the train. At time though there was no light and we used torches
But the train itself was really nice, clean and as you called it “superior”.
Lentis Lee

5 Things To Avoid When Booking Lanzarote Holidays



image201511261117168.jpgThis article is designed to help with advice on how to avoid problems when booking the holiday in Lanzarote. It will help, not telling you what to do, but to say five things you want to avoid if you really want to avoid any problems when booking holidays in Lanzarote So here are the top 5 things to avoid: 1. Do not sweat the small stuff when booking Lanzarote holidays. The reason why you should not do that is that there are many things to consider and there are more important considerations. Instead, it is best to look at the overview of the island first. What does your vacation in Lanzarote to involve? Are you satisfied with a beach holiday in Lanzarote or you want to explore further. 2. Do not overlook the possibility of getting a package holiday in Lanzarote. This is because the packages are often cheaper than booking each part of your holiday separately. Alternatively, just take a quick look at the holiday companies and their Lanzarote holidays because times longer flight from northern Europe do to get to Lanzarote is not as easy as other parts of Europe and companies Flights So they do not fly there. 3. Do not discard any lodging. It is very clear that this is very important because there are many different types of accommodation in Lanzarote. What you should do instead is to remove Villas in Lanzarote, Lanzarote and Lanzarote hotel accommodation separately. 4. Do not say no to flight only deals Lanzarote. The main reason this is wrong is that flights can be very low-cost housing can be found to get the last minute. As an alternative you should really check websites of cheap flights to Lanzarote travel separately and check out the websites of accommodation. 5. Do not prevaricate. Resist doing this for any length of time, because if you wait too long vacations lanzarote fill up quickly. Keep in mind that if there are only a few spaces left in a hotel or apartment complex in particular, then there are many others like you who are looking for a perfect holiday on this paradise island of Lanzarote



Mali Articles
I am just looking to find more stuff that I feed my Canon Mali That Is Good For Her.

lanzarote If You Know Anything please feel free to give me feedback. Thanks
If you’ve read the Book, you’d Know That Is A floating Mali gardner. What Are some movies or tv shows That Would he like?
Described as my teacher HIM Someone Who Would Like watching Things related to gardening, to find I can not Seem To Any Good Movies That Would follows HIM.
This is a revision of Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali, a best seller for 30 Years.
Retold by griots, The Guardian of African Culture, this oral tradition handed down has been “From the thirteenth century and captures all The Mystery and majesty of medieval African kingship. It Is The epic tale, based there year actual figure of Sundiata (Sunjata). Part history and part legend, it te…
I have a Mali flex futon and multiple wooden slats Have broken already. Does Anyone have any idea WHERE CAN I order replacements?
My Baby Is A Mali about 4 months old.I Have Him in a 10 gallon tank now aim aussi I Have a 55 gallon tank and WAS wondering if this Is A Good Time to move over to HIM the Bigger tank.
For More Than a Thousand Years, from AD 500 to 1700, The Medieval Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay Grew Rich On The gold, salt, and slave trade across Africa That Stretched. Scraping away Hundreds of Years of ignorance, prejudice, and mythology, award-winnnig authors Patricia McKissack and Fredrick reveal the glory of thesis forgotten empires while Inviting us to share inspiring In The Recover…
When year evening celebration in historical village IS Disrupted By The Cree of Slav raiders, young Kankan Musa runs to find spear history, purpose in a moment He Is taken. Suddenly, he has Known The World is gone. Is He To Be a Slave? Will gold destiny carry this son of a Proud People to a different future?
Caldecott Medalists Leo and Diane Dillon capture the grandeur of Africa’s ancient emp…
I Need All The Similarities and Connections Between The Story of David and Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali, by DTNiane! THANKS! (: If You Could ALSO Specific quotes and include page numbers That Would Be AMAZING.
I am interested in. Traveling to Mali for a Historical / pleasure trip, to I Was Wondering If It Was aussi possible to “mine” gold There, & the gold-buying Provides Opportunities Mali. My questions:
Is it possible to visit local gold fields and dig Personally gold pan for gold?
Is it possible to travel to markets and purchase gold in bulk gold in jewelry? If so, What Ar…
You May in Mali float past hippopotami whilst sailing down the River Niger, greet 300 White Camel herdsmen atop bright, gold stand there looking out over a year escarpment cliff The Mystical Village of the Dogon people. This new edition features updated information on Everything inside thoroughly from elephant migration to rock-climbing. It includes a auss…
When I bought my Mali yesterday The Pet Store Told Me That The Heat lamp Should not Be Left there when i am not in the house was not sincere They Are Completely Safe Light and to just leave my Repti Glo light it. This Seems Like It Will not Make the tank stay at 120 degrees Throughout The Day. I’d Like To Know What are your experiences and Some Suggestions On What to do if I’m gone 8 hours a day a…
2009 debut album From The Gospel / Hip Hop / R & B artist.Riding the waves of A Very Successful EP, The Coming, the singer, songwriter, and producer has orchestrated a masterpiece in The 2econd Coming. The current project includes smash hits ‘Avaylable’ and ‘I Hate U, “as well as the Hip Hop grooves of’ The Light ‘and the Rock’ n ‘Roll Inspired’ Gimmie! Gimmie! ‘. Music Mali’s bold, uniqu…

For Nearly Eight Years As The monthly columnist for Outside magazine, and In His award-winning books, Mark Jenkins has fans spellbound Held With riveting historical accounts of expeditions to remote Part of the globe. In To Timbuktu, he sets out to Three Friends With Their Attempt First Descent Of The Niger River, Hopping to Reach The legendary city of Timbuktu. Along t…
I’ve Been Asked to help brainstorm ideas for children in Mali to fundraise for Their School. I Know That There Are Differences That culteral exclude people from school dances and Their village do not Have Money To Spend one Entertainment books and girl scout cookies. Most of Them Do not Even Have Electricity In Their Homes! any ideas?
How do men keep supressed In The Country Women of Mali? What are some example?
Introduce elementary and middle school Students To The ancient African empire of Mali, and teach ’em about an amazing history – and about Themselves. Mali, one of The Most Known Civilization least glorious goal of the World, Comes to Life Through vivid color photographs, timelines, maps.. and the Legends of the griots, or storytellers, who’ve the Past Preserved for Millennia of Mali, Handing dow…
What is it like to live and work in a remote corner of the World and befriend a midwife Courageous Who breaks traditional roles? Monique and the Mango Rains: Two Years With A Midwife Mali Is The inspiring story of Monique Dembele, year accidental midwife Who Became a legend, and Kris Holloway, The Young Peace Corps volunteer Who Became Her Closest confidante. In a small village in Mali, West Afric…

Air travel is always on the increase and an astonishing number of us would like to fly with our dog. For many years families have chosen to take their


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Pets, Air Travel, and the Airline Rules & Regulations
One of the imperative points to remember in connection with air travel and pets regulations and rules. In Britain there are a few laws which could apply, such as the Safe Air Travel for Animals Act” (2000). Recently there has been an increase in security and where you once may have been allowed to carry small pets with you on a flight this may no longer be the case. It is, therefore, incredibly importance that you check things with the airline before booking your tickets. Virtually all airlines now state clearly that all small animals will only be carried in suitable containers in the cargo hold. This is clearly far safer than taking the risk of an animal becoming distressed and causing a problem.
Even though any small animals or pets are now confined to the cargo hold some kind airlines will allow you to attend the pet being put onto and taken off the aeroplane. However it is crucial that, purchasing your tickets you make enquiries about this to the airline.
Other Important Considerations To Keep In Mind
1. Your Pet Container
It is most incredibly important that you choose a pet box of the correct type, weight and size for the creature that will be residing in it for the length of the flight. There should always be sufficient surplus space for the pet to be able to move about easilyat all times. The longer the duration of the flight the larger the amount of excess room required.
2. Security And Safety Measures And Flying With Pets
At all times your pet carrier should be clearly visible to the airline staff to avoid loss, which is always possible with any air travel. All pet containers should be labeled clearly with both the destination and a return address and full contact details. Furthermore it is strongly advised that you include the details of another person in case of emergencies when you are unable be contacted. As well as attaching labels on the outside also consider the addition some to the interior. Furthermore go to some length to ensure that your pet has a close fitting collar with an identification tag or similar. The risk of loss is least during direct flights.
If it is within your budget it also well worth considering having your pet fitted with an electronic tag which is injected under the skin by a vetinary surgeon. As soon as you know when and the local you will be traveling to book an appointment at the vets (or at least telephone) as he will be able to give important advice on what the requirements are when flying to another area or country. Your pet may require inoculations and there may be other precautions or restrictions to think about.
Planning in advance is always the most intelligent approach and the simple fact that you are reading this article is a wise decision. By making sure you understand the pet air travel hints & tips included in this article and by seeking further hints and tips online and from your vet, you can make sure that you pet flies safely and securely while suffering the minimal amount of stress.


Now There arent any?
Please list, I know Niger Is One Of The Poorest Nation in the World to Nigeria what about The Opposite arent THEY? Nigeria is Right below Niger.

Thank you.
The River Niger Is A Tony Award-Winning Broadway Play Adapted for the Big Features: Digitally Mastered, Interactive Menus, Chapter Selections; Quiz
I’m doing a project in school Where I Have to research a mask from a certain country, and I Was Assigned Niger. Even After Spending hours looking up stuff online, I have not found “any information at all, so if anyone has” any leads for me, That Would Be Wonderful. Thanks!
The Multi-Dose Is The common dosage for homeopathic Remedies. The tube contains 75-80 pellets (size # 38) Offering 3-5 pellets per dose, to Be taken from under the tongue at times spécifié.
This first English-language Guide to the Saharan country of Niger The Spans densely Populated areas of the South – a colorful melting pot of cultures – And The hostile desert landscape of the North – featuring sacrifice part of The Most stunning sand dunes in Africa Transportation options for travelers are a Particular feature of The Guide – Including long-distance connections to Neighbori…
It Was an isolated tree in Niger that’s been there for a long time Until It got it by a truck in 1973. I want to know at least a year estimate of how old it is. None Of The websites I Looked at how old Said It Was. Just That it has been there for a long time.
How Far Is The Beginning Of The Niger River from the Atlantic Ocean?
For Nearly Eight Years As The monthly columnist for Outside magazine, and In His award-winning books, Mark Jenkins has fans spellbound Held With riveting historical accounts of expeditions to remote Part of the globe. In To Timbuktu, he sets out to Three Friends With Their Attempt First Descent Of The Niger River, Hopping to Reach The legendary city of Timbuktu. Along t…
Hi i am Currently Looking into buying a saltwater Either flame angel fish and / or a Niger trigger. i have Heard That They Are Both hard to take care of. What Makes it harder to take care of ’em? Specific Do They eat food? THEY CAN live together, and Along With Damsels, a puffer, 2 ponds, and a cardinal fish? i have a 95 gallon tank and it has-been running for about 3 months now.
Thanks in ad…
What Are The SIMILARITIES Between Canadian and Niger Women and children in terms of living.
22 “LONG X 3” WIDE This item Does not Violate U.S. Customs or U.S.

lanzarote Fish and Wildlife Game Mammal Marine Laws. It Is a high quality reproduction made of polymer composites. No animals harmed in WAS The Manufacturing cette replica scrimshaw. MUSEUM QUALITY REPRODUCTION OF WHALE TOOTH Whaling SHIP PATTERN NEAT ITEM BRAND NEW NEVER Displayed
I’m having a little trouble wrapping my mind around The Facts That The Niger River & the Zambezi river Have in Common, Can someone lend a hand?
I think hat people starving in Niger Have Been. Not really sure, If They are starving to What Would THEY eat mainly. And maybe you-can recommend a food from Niger?
Followings icts creation by President Kennedy in 1961, Peace Corps Became an Icon of American idealism in action is year international scale. It Inspired a generation of American youth, and it continued to Attract Thousands of youthful Americans to International Opportunities for Their adventures in service to fellow man. Recount this book The Experience of the Author, has retired Foreign Service..
Aspergillus Niger Is A type of fungi. it’s cell wall forfaitaire up of chitin. thesis wall chitin N-acetyl glucosamine Have , how to break chitin wall & Get the glucose oxidase enzyme.
I need a lot of info about The Niger River and Can not Seem To Find Anything beneficial to my research. What I Need Is Something About it in Medieval Times and Modern Times.

Plaza Colonial- view from hostel


, ,

It has been almost a year since I have shared with you any of my explorations around the world. I would like to share with you a taste of the Caribean Island of Puerto Rico.
Flight: 3.5 hrs domestic flight from NY. Puerto Rico is one of the 52 States of the US.travel channel
Hostel: Recommend the Posada Hostel in Old San Juan (405 San Francisco st., old colonial building in central location opposite Plaza Colonial among the bars/restaurants. Took a private double room for $55 a night (i.e. could be $27.5 a person), only has shared bathrooms).
Weather: Though it was the end of September and hurricane season it only rained one night and morning (luckily J).
Day 1 (afternoon) Old San Juan:
Flight landed just before 2pm, arrived in old San Juan 230pm (approx 20 min from airport to Old San Juan).
Hop on free green hop on/hop off bus that has El Morro” on the front (there are 3 different free green buses, this one takes you in the longest route of Old San Juan). This will take you past St. Cristobal, the slums of La Perla, past the coast cemetery and to El Morro Fortress (supposedly the light house at El Morro has tours every Saturday at 230pm).
El Morro- Stop 24
To book tours for the rest of your trip, hop off the bus at the Tourist Centre at the pier (closes at 530pm).
Think it is easiest to list food/drinks/nightlife of Old San Juan all in one place, though these are places I visited over the duration of my trip.
Food/drinks:travel trailers
Grab a mallorca (sweet pastry) for breakfast at Old San Juan’s infamous bakery La Bonbonera (San Fransisco St).
Mallorca- La Bonbonera
Have an Old San Juan breakfast at Berlin Café (San Fransisco st., adjacent to the hostel)- the guava jam is yummy. Also the apple strudel is delicious.
For a unique and delicious dish try the peking duck nachos with wasabi sour cream at Dragonfly (Viejo st., minutes from the Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel Casino).
Also, the chorizo pizza at Moreno (361 Viejo st., minutes from the casino) was delicious. As were the jalapeño onion rings at Chicago Burgers Co. (entrance to casino).
Bars are also open during the afternoon, not only at night. If you walk around the adjacent streets there are tons of local bars, with salsa music playing, juke boxes and “Tarzan” slot machines.
Tarzan slot machine at one of the bars
Senior Frogs near the casino has yard” long cocktails and nightclub dancing.
Senior Frogs- Yard Cocktail
San Sebastian street is also a vibrant street with bars (open at night, dead in the daytime).
Calle de San Sebastian
Sheraton Old San Hotel Casino (100 Brumbaugh st.) is a fun hangout (open 8am-4am, closes 4am-8am). Delicious Pina Coladas are served when you play.
Day 2 (Cueva Maria De La Cruz, El Yunque Rainforest, Luquillo Beach and Fajardo Bioluminescent Bay ):
Head out for a trio- destination day (I took a private tour with New Horizon Tours, booked at the Tourist Centre, $145 for the day. Renting cars are pretty cheap in PR, so you also have that option).
930am pickup and off to El Yunque rainforest. On route we stopped at the caves De Maria De La Cruz (supposedly where the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean took place).
At El Yunque I walked La Mina Trail (45 minutes each way) through the waterfall (cold but definitely worth swimming in).
El Yunque- one of many waterfalls
Stop for lunch at Loquillo- has many stalls of fried food (I tried pollo con arroz = chicken with rice). Loquillo beach is a beautiful beach.
Loquillo Beach
FYI- It takes approx 75 minutes to drive between Old San Juan and Fajardo.
Day 3 (Bacardi Rum Factory, Contado, Isla Verde):
20 minutes ride by car to the Bacardi Rum Factory (you can also take a ferry from Pier 2 to Catano) which offers a free tour of the factory (Mon- Sat 8am-6pm, last tour 430pm, or Sun 10am-5pm, last tour 345pm), and 2 free drinks. It has a lovely gift shop with an array of clothing and other accessories.
Bacardi- and their symbol- the bat
Contado is the upcoming hotspot of PR. I was there during the day, but supposedly Ashford street hosts the high end nightlife.
Isla Verde houses some of the top hotels in the island (20 minutes by car from Old San Juan, or you can take the A5 bus). Check out the El San Juan (Waldorff Astoria) Hotel & Casino (6063 Isla Verde Avenue). Brava nightclub at the hotel is known as the exclusive club at PR” – adhere to New York” dress code! (open only on Thur, Fri & Sat).
(The Ritz Carlton Hotel & Casino is also nearby (6961 Avenue of the Governers), but I did not venture to it).
El Taquito (open 24hrs) nearby the casino is a local restaurant (no english menus, only Spanish) with the most delicious chicken tacos and one of the best Margaritas (as good as the Margaritas at the Bogata Hotel in Atlantic City which are my fave)!
Day 4 (Old San Juan):
Sleep in (after 3 nights out J).
Walk around Old San Juan.
Check out the cigar store on Fortaleza st.
Visit Don Quixote museum (on the pier, adjacent to the CVS). Another rum based activity, you go through the museum and end with the gift store and the free tastings at the bar.
Don Quixote Musuem
Head to the Supermax supermarket for some treats- I bought PR chili sauce and PR sweets (cheaper than in giftstores).
Day 5 (Isla Verde):
El Taquito has delicious breakfast wraps (add the chili sauces).
Opposite El Taquito there is an entrance to Carolina beach. If you walk right for approx. 5 minutes you will come to El San Juan (Waldorff Astoria) Hotel. All beaches are public beaches.
There is a jet-skiing stand right near the hotel ($40 for 30 minutes). Had a fun time jetskiing around at 45mph. For those that don’t know how to jet-ski or pretend not to know, you can ask for a hot PR guide to ride with you free of charge…
If you are a guest of the hotel (or manage to get invited into the facilities J) you can enjoy the pools, pool floats, hammocks etc. After days of fried food a big Greek salad poolside/beachside is the dish to order. Also, if you have feel like a non-alcoholic afternoon, the virgin coconut daiquiri is refreshing.
Vieques and Culebra: Two jewel” island off the inland. Take ferry from Fajardo (approx 75 minutes by car to Fajardo (by bus it takes two buses to get from the Old City to Fajardo) & approx 90 minutes ferry ride). Vieques also has a bioluminescent bay. There are catamaran tours to the islands (I signed up but tour was cancelled due to low signup).
Old San Juan Market Place: Rio Piedras (T9 bus downtown).
Isla Verde Cockfighting Ring: Seasonal, need to check schedule (was not open during my visit, near the El San Juan Hotel Casino).
Cabo Rojo Lighthouse: South West Puerto Rico.
Well that’s all from me- Love